Electrical Door Chimes Repair or Installation

Door chimes: If your chime does not work or has a muffled sound there could be a number of issues. This is a low voltage system meaning that somewhere in your house is a transformer. This could be the culprit or maybe the switch at the door(s) is just worn or a wire is broken or loose. The chime itself may need replacing. I can find out why it is not working and then recommend a repair or replaced parts. In some cases a wireless system would be the answer.

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Super Job!

Ireton Electric master electrician Dave Ireton took care of some dimmer and circuit issues for us. He came recommend by a friend who had extensive renos done to his house. Dave is very professional, timely, tidy and communicates well. He had our issues sorted out in no time at all. Very highly recommended. We will use his services again when needed.

- Bob Kawecki from Ottawa