Fluorescent Light Repair or Installation

Fluorescent lights: Many older styles have the big heavy ballasts and possibly a starter in them. These types typically have the larger tubes. The problem is they usually are noisy, don’t start up that well, produce a lot of heat and are not so energy efficient. If they don’t seem to work it could just be the light tube but if you replace this and it still doesn’t work then it is probably the starter or ballast. If it comes to this point then you should consider replacing the fixture with a new one that has an electronic ballast. They have instant start, make no noise or heat and are very energy efficient. I can recommend an appropriate size or style for you and of course install.

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Super Job!

Ireton Electric master electrician Dave Ireton took care of some dimmer and circuit issues for us. He came recommend by a friend who had extensive renos done to his house. Dave is very professional, timely, tidy and communicates well. He had our issues sorted out in no time at all. Very highly recommended. We will use his services again when needed.

- Bob Kawecki from Ottawa